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Dongle Option

A Dongle Option is now Available

The dongle option allows the use of this software on any compatible computer. You just install the software and then copy the dongle licenses you have received to the product folder on each computer. Then, when the dongle is plugged in that computer is fully licensed. A single dongle works for any and all of our software products so it is money well spent.

The dongle costs $99.95 and each license key for each product is 25% of the initial product cost. As long as the dongle is functional the license files work on any computer that the dongle is plugged into. A broken dongle will be replaced for $49.95 but it must be returned to us before a new dongle will be shipped. The license files for the broken dongle will also be replaced one time. After that a broken dongle is treated like a lost dongle. A lost dongle must be purchased again along with license files for each product that you use.

Get your dongle ($99.95) today by clicking the button below:

DXFTool Standard Dongle License - $14.98:

DXFTool Professional Dongle License - $47.48:

Artwork Optimizer Standard Dongle License - $14.98:

Nesting Tool Standard Dongle License - $37.48:

Cost Comparison for the DXFTool Professional Edition Installed on 2 Computers:

DXFTool Professional + 1 extra license = $284.93

The two licenses just work on the two computers that were licensed.

DXFTool Professional + dongle = $337.43

The dongle gives you TWO computers licensed at the same time and UNLIMITED computers using the DXFTool Professional with the dongle.

For our customers that have more than one of our products the dongle is a SUPER good deal since only one dongle is required. A customer that has the DXFTool Professional, Artwork Optimizer Standard and the Nesting Tool Standard still only needs one dongle.

Note that you must have purchased one full license for each product that you want to use with the dongle before a dongle license for that product can be bought.