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Are you working with any cutting systems such as CNC machines, vinyl cutters, plasma cutters, or laser cutters?

Are you struggling with cutting the most shapes to minimize material waste?

If your answers are yes, our Nesting Tool for CorelDRAW is your solution!

The Nesting Tool Standard Edition offers you cutting solutions by performing automatic layouts of a number of closed shapes onto a sheet. It allows you to cut the maxmium number of your desired closed shapes and dramatically reduces your material waste. The sheet can be an arbitrary shape, it does not have to be square or rectangular. The sheet CANNOT have internal defects (holes). It must be solid within its boundaries.

The shapes themselves must be combined if they contain any internal cutouts which are called islands. This will allow the shape to be nested as a single unit using the outline as the shape to be nested. The shapes and the sheet / stock piece to nest on must both be completely inside the CorelDRAW page boundaries.

Here is one of the examples that is provided. It is NewJob01.cdr. All .cdr files are provided in CorelDRAW X3 format so they can be used with X3, X4, X5 and X6.

Nesting Tool Standard Edition performs automatic layouts of a number of closed shapes onto a sheet

The right hand side shows 9 different closed shapes that need to be cut.

The left hand side shows how our Nesting Tool for CorelDRAW Standard Edition automatically lays the maximum of these shapes onto one sheet of your cutting material minimizing your material waste.