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The Artwork Optimizer Standard Edition 1.3
for CorelDRAW X3, X4, X5, and X6 is now available!

64 Bit Native Version Now Available!

Artwork Optimizer - Generating neat and organized cutting sequence for your cutting needs

What can the Artwork Optimizer Standard Edition do?

The Artwork Optimizer Standard Edition performs sequence / stacking order optimization in CorelDRAW. What this means is it rearranges the objects in a drawing so they can be processed in the optimum order for cutting on a vinyl cutter, laser or CNC cutting system. The optimization of the cutting order speeds up cutting and in the case of the vinyl cutter also improves accuracy. Here is a sample drawing before optimization howing what can happen while a CorelDRAW drawing was being created. The objects become scattered in the stacking order due to cut-and-paste and other operations. The red lines and arrows show the sequence in which the drawing will be processed.
before optimization

And here is the same drawing after being optimized.
after being optimized

The difference is pretty dramatic and was very easy to do. A drawing this small would also be easily rearranged / optimized by just dragging the objects around in the object manager. BUT what about 200 objects? 2000? 6000? The Artwork Optimizer has processed drawings as large as 12000 objects and the 6000 object drawing that it was developed with can be rearranged in just about 10 seconds.

New Features of Artwork Optimizer Standard Edition

The Artwork Optimizer can now sequence inside before outside. What this means is that if a shape is inside another shape (is an Island) then the Optimizer can sequence the inside shape before the container. This is essential in CNC cutting so the outside shape does not become loose and cause the inside shape to be cut incorrectly. Laser cutters can also benefit from this process.

The Artwork Optimizer produces an optimized drawing that has all the text and combined shapes broken apart and converted to curves. This is a new drawing that is fully cut ready. The original drawing is not modified.

History of Bug Fixes and Enhancements for Artwork Optimizer Standard Edition

Our newest Artwork Optimizer Standard Edition release 1.3 has the following fixes and changes:

How to Purchase the Artwork Optimizer Standard Edition or for Inquiries?

You can use the Contact Us Form for the inquiries or purchases, or buy the license(s) now by clicking "Buy Now" button.

Get your first Artwork Optimizer 32-bit Standard Edition license for only $59.95 today by clicking the PayPal button below:

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Get extra Artwork Optimizer 64-bit Standard Edition license for only 50% of the price ($44.98) today by clicking the PayPal button below:

Download the FREE Evaluation Copy

Get 30 days to see for yourself what the advantages are, and installs and runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8.  

Note: Artwork Optimizer Standard Edition for CorelDRAW X6 runs not only on CorelDRAW 32-bit, but also on 64-bit.

To install the 32 bit CorelDRAW on 64 bit Windows, put the DVD in the drive, right click on the DVD icon and select explore. Navigate to the X86 folder and run the setup from there.

Click here to download your free trial version of the Artwork Optimizer Standard Edition.

Documentation (You will need Adobe Reader to open and view it.)

Installation Readme File

1. If you can't unzip the distribution file(s) then you can download WinZIP from Corel: or from a free WinZIP alternative from:
2. There is a documentation and an installation file in each zip file. You can download Adobe Reader here if necessary.)